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KEYSAN O-Ring & Seal

Rubber Seal Products


QualIty PolIcy

To be able to respond to all the needs that arise in the direction of customer requests in place, on time and professionally.

To organize meetings and training seminars so that you can build this professional, to train our employees in line with their needs.

Providing satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers on the basis of quality efficiency.

Staying true to the concept of "TOTAL QUALITY" in determining our market share strategies and aiming at the best that always will be possible, never satisfied with our success.

Respecting the environment and people we live in all these stages is our most important element and our basic quality policy...


Our company is qualified to receive JAS-ANZ ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 quality certificates to ensure the quality standard of the products it produces with continuous quality and unconditional customer satisfaction.